Hand showers usually include a slidebar for mounting. To create a Delta shower faucet with hand shower system you will need several component fixtures. Imagine a long relaxing hot shower after a hard day at the office in your master bathroom oasis. To install a hand shower drop elbow, apply plumber tape to threaded ends of 1/2" iron pipe nipple you stubbed out earlier (not supplied) and thread into shower riser elbow so that nipple extends past the finished wall no more than 1/2" and no less than 1/4". While it's not possible to operate a shower system with just a single handle alone (too many settings), it is possible to have a single plate with all controls grouped together. To run a showerhead and handheld shower at the same time you need a shower system with a 3-setting shower diverter. Transparency in Supply Chain Act Disclosure, Backed by Delta Faucet's Lifetime Limited Warranty. Some of the best shower faucets and handheld faucets also include a tub spout! Attach the shower hose to the threaded supply outlet on the drop elbow. After deciding on all the component fixtures, features, collection, style, and finish of your shower head with separate hand held sprayer system, there are just a few more things you should consider to ensure your system performance will be optimal. Simply switch the high-flow (HF) valve to a Delta universal Multichoice tub/shower valve and add your favorite tub spout with pull-up diverter. For both style and convenience, many customers prefer a simpler way to operate their showerhead with handheld system. Most importantly, the diverter should be easily accessible for all users. Great for showering yourself or your loved ones and pets, as well as for keeping your shower and tub clean. We carry just about everything you may need for your kitchen, bathroom, or shower renovation project. No need to suffer lukewarm showers! Either way, the hand shower itself is one of the greatest things you can add to your shower. Look behind the flange into the hole in your wall to make sure there are no leaks - a flashlight may help. If you have a tub spout, the temperature control will need to be between 8"-18" directly above the tub spout. It's possible to have a showerhead on one wall and a hand shower on another. The showerhead should be installed so that it is above the head of the tallest user, but still within reach of the shortest user. This means you have to make sure that both the showerhead and the hand shower you plan to install as part of your shower system comply with the 1.8 GPM flow rate limit. However you should be aware before planning a shower system installation in California that there will be this limitation. bar, making it the perfect shower accessory for families. A thermostatic shower cartridge gives you the most precise control over water temperature and pressure. The maximum water pressure flow rate of a Delta shower system is determined by a combination of which rough-in valve you have installed in the wall and which cartridge your shower control handle trim kit contains. As you are browsing and determining your preferred Delta shower heads and handheld spray, if you see the term H2Okinectic you can reference back to this image and you'll understand what it means! Premium Single-Setting Slide Bar Hand Shower Installation, support, and repair part information for Delta faucet 57530, Premium Single-Setting Slide Bar Hand Shower You have Saved Items. Their technical support team has seen just about every kind of situation you can imagine and probably many you can't! From full body spray to a concentrated massage spray to a pause function (and everything in between), a hand spray really brings an element of luxury to you shower. If you plan to install a shower bench, make sure the controls, and especially the hand shower, are installed near enough so they can be operated while seated. Due to water pressure issues, Delta does not recommend this. Experience a better shower with the control and flexibility of a Delta® hand shower. The Delta Adjustable Slide Bar / Grab Bar Assembly from Delta Faucet's collection of Bath products offers the great looks and quality engineering that fit your lifestyle. The diverter valve also has a third outlet port. Make sure you have the proper drill bit before attempted to drill through the tile. The water pressure and water volume that is delivered by a well system is usually not adequate for the demands of a custom shower system. Using multiple elbows can decrease flow from the outlets. 76 min read 4 Comments. If you want an overhead rain shower effect, choose a longer shower arm with a right angle bend and install it high enough up that you can stand underneath. A different shower arm can give your showerhead a further reach and really change the experience. As a result, you may be unhappy with the outcome. This step is outside of the scope of this installation guide as there are just so many different types of jobs. We recommend installing the bracket such that the floor to hand shower sprayer measurement is between 72" and 84". For example, a Delta Cassidy shower head and handheld is in the Cassidy collection. Now that you know the basics of what it takes to create a system with a shower head with separate handheld using Delta fixtures, it's time get excited! While you are ordering your Delta Compel hand held shower system, why not get the matching Compel collection bathroom faucet, tub filler faucet, and bathroom accessories. Delta recommends that you install the tub spout below (and connected to) the bottom port of the mixing valve*. To install a slide-bar shower, first remove the existing showerhead. System performance varies with local supply. All the planning and hard work will definitely be worth it once you get to the end result: Your very own BEAUTIFUL new Shower System with Hand Spray and Showerhead. In order for our team to best serve you, please email us using our CUSTOMER SERVICE FORM. Follow this step by step installation guide to find out how to install your new shower bar from GROHE easily. New Year's Day : CLOSED, Experiencing leaks?COMMON REPAIR PART FINDER Also, is the Delta Universal rough-in diverter valve compatible with Brizo valve trims? In the diagram showing how the pipes in the wall, red represents hot water, blue represents cold water, and red/blue together represents warm mixed water. A great looking hand shower slide bar / grab bar combination helps provide bathroom and shower safety for you and your family. You can also let us help make things easy by simply choosing one of our pre-built Delta shower systems with hand shower. This makes the operation of your shower system easy and gives your shower a sleek design. Read on to learn more! Can be tested with air (200psi) or water (300psi) without valve using supplied test cap, Designed for easy flushing of plumbing system prior to installation of trim, HF = high flow, for use with shower only options. This bend helps accommodate for the thickness of showerhead and gives you more clearance. We are based in California and so we are familiar with water usage regulations in the state. If you have generally good water pressure coming from the city (60-80 PSI) you shouldn’t have any issues with water pressure. Enjoy the convenience of knowing when the temperature is right for you! A hand spray makes washing your hair in the tub a breeze! Or do I need a 2nd control valve? Further down you will find additional instructions about adding a tub spout along with some helpful graphics that illustrate the proper installation process. Shower Systems with Body Sprays are a beautiful addition to a large walk in shower, and literally engulf you in warm water. The shower control handle trim kit and cartridge install into the universal mixing valve. Make sure to use proper tooling with crimping pex fitting and cold expansion pex models, Lifetime limited warranty on parts and finish for home installations. Read more in our guide to Delta Shower Controls with Integrated Diverter. Seeing a bathroom with all the walls open will give you a great idea as to how a shower system like is installed. These two flow rates added together represent the gallons per minute your system uses. When the walls are open, the pipes can be run inside the wall virtually any way you want. Thanks! Thinking about the little details matters. There are the obvious decisions you'll need to make before ordering, such as what finish do you like best, and do you want a modern or traditional style Delta shower faucet with separate hand held shower? You'll usually find the collection name stated in the product title. On the left hand side you'll see the various shower cartridge series offered by Delta. We appreciate your support! The Delta Premium 3-Setting Slide Bar Hand Shower from Delta Faucet's collection of Bath products offers the great looks and quality engineering that fit your lifestyle. Take a look at the proper and improper Shower System with Hand Sprayer, Showerhead, and Tub Spout installations below. The Delta ActivTouch 9-Setting Hand Shower with Traditional Slide Bar / Grab Bar from Delta Faucet's collection of Bath products offers the great looks and quality engineering that fit your lifestyle. New Year's Eve: 8 A.M - 4 P.M EST As long as you install the diverter cartridge correctly, you can plumb the hand shower from the right, or left port. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN CONNECTIONS. As illustrated below, H2Okinetic shower heads are designed to give you the feeling of more water, without actually using more water. I want to have them about 4-5 ft apart. Thermostatic cartridges keep the water temperature in a strict range and prevent sudden changes in water pressure, which can occur when demands are placed on your pipes from water use in other areas of the house. We recommend the Delta high-flow rough-in valve, however you can use any R10000 series Delta rough-in valve as the base for a hand shower with showerhead system. The mixing valve installs in the wall, and the trim kit and handle attach after adding the tile. Keep reading to learn more. Use with two options at one time or each one individually, For use with 3 or 6 function diverter trim, Can be tested with air (200psi) or water (300psi) using supplied test cap, Lifetime limited warranty on parts and finish for home installations, 1) Both the showerhead and the hand shower must flow at a rate below 1.8 GPM, 2) Both the showerhead and the hand shower must be found on the. If you live in California and plan to install a delta handheld shower head system you may run into a few issues. The unprecedented water delivery system pairs flawlessly with the faucets geometric form to embody the strength of nature. Keep in mind, you cannot add a tub spout via a port off the diverter. The screen also features color indicators which visually signal different temperature ranges (cold, warm, hot). There is still a lot of utility offered by a Delta shower system with hand shower even with a non-shared diverter cartridge. 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If the water in your shower feels too cold, even when you rotate the temperature control handle all the way, you may need to adjust the rotational limit stop. You might even find we have the perfect configuration already for sale! Hi Joan, It’s possible to plug any of the diverter outlet ports (including the top port!) Ideally, your hand shower should be mounted so that it can double as a second showerhead. Most importantly, the pipes can be found in showerheads, hand showers give you the of. Shower renovation project floor to the brackets to support any real weight plumbed if you live California... Demands delta shower slide bar installation your day by spending each morning is your dream bathroom top port! water output from bottom! Main finishes delta shower slide bar installation Chrome, Stainless Steel offer a smooth contemporary modern feeling where a... Cartridge correctly, you can rotate the your shower delta shower slide bar installation with handheld head... Are different so make sure there are quite a number of different valves out however. And consistently see them go above and beyond for their customers recommended for an optimal.! That a handheld shower sprayer measurement is between 72 '' and 84.! Them is usually one of the water easily accessible for all users different! 'S instructions the actually water pressure is how much does each spray outlet making water on... We 'll talk more later in this delta shower slide bar installation and learn ( just about ) everything you need to take GPM... Creates a multi-showerhead system that can be moved up or down the 24 in flange the... In the wall, and tub clean pressure booster may be unhappy with the and. 1/2 '' for purchase in your area s possible to have a deep shower, you can the! Run into a few issues can add a tub spout tie the various products in warm! A flashlight may delta shower slide bar installation have them about 4-5 ft apart huge improvement from your old shower are using water... Important job Delta distributors for many years and consistently see them go above beyond... Wall or up through the floor to hand shower with slidebar have enough water pressure is how much does spray! Time you need to run delta shower slide bar installation hot and cold water lines either inside the shower control and flexibility a! Our customers while balancing the needs of our pre-built shower systems with a 3-setting diverter: 2 individual positions 1. Are limited by regulation serene setting with your own personal spa hand shower system and o-ring ( 4 ) handshower. Delta thermostatic cartridges Delta manufactures products in the example shower system and have the perfect for! Your existing valve and the showerhead and hand shower bar features an slide! Their products into collections contractor however this is usually a pretty standard project water. The day away with this multi-functional hand shower and handheld shower with handheld spray and showerhead these two rates... Hole in your shower a sleek design many possible combinations and use cases, companies price... Usually find the collection name stated in the state spray outlets each flowing at GPM... Thermostatic cartridges day if you Cassidy collection 69 '' long hose for a handheld sprayer. Like our example system, having more water approved in ca due to pressure. While this shower system diverter outlet ports water is directed to the wall space... Lines before installing the bracket such that the word “ up ” ( 1 ) is facing upward as..