Tree collars are taking over, but they can be expensive! Full step-by-step photo tutorial will show you how to make one yourself | In My Own Style, It’s starting to get Christmasy around here! Buy a simple galvanized tub. Hide your tree stand in a present! To make a DIY tree collar, you basically need something big enough for your Christmas tree base to fit inside. Tree skirts are a thing of the past, especially when you have cats that like to dive into them and ride them like surfboards. , Rustic DIY Christmas Ornaments and Giveaway, How To Add Star Wars Decals to a Kids Jeep ». Diy christmas tree collar made from laundry basket. Take the classic route with a galvanized tree collar made from an inexpensive metal bucket or get more creative with a wicker tree collar made from a woven basket. You'll want the handles of the basket to face down. Though your christmas tree may be one of your most cherished christmas traditions, tree stands can sometimes get last billing when it comes to your … Trees in baskets are nothing new, but this take on a tidy, trunk cover up allows for a little more experimentation and might be a bit easier to … Check out this easy to make one using metal sheeting found at the home improvement store. Using a drill, put a whole in the base of the tub and remove this base using a jigsaw.… This wicker basket from Amazon would work great too! Run the string through holes you create, and you have an easy and festive DIY garland. I love the creativity that you can have with tree collars. I transformed it into a christmas tree collar. By Rachel Denbow. What is most important though is getting exact measurements of your tree stand so that the widest part of the basket (top or bottom) fits over your tree stand. SIMPLE. This is the year to ring in the cheer with the BarnwoodUSA Wooden Christmas Tree Box. Last year I shared how to put a Christmas Tree in a basket, and so many of you love and visit that post that I thought today I share some of my favorite baskets I found on the net that can be used as really pretty Christmas tree baskets. I decided to put one of the many Amazon boxes i have lying around to good use and make one myself! Wrapped Present Look DIY Christmas Tree Base. See how easy DIY Christmas Tree Decorating can be. Measure each of the sides. I used a large basket I had from Target, but any large basket will do. Rope Christmas Tree Collar DIY. Christmas tree collars are so pretty; and come in all shapes and textures. I also …. I love the look of those Christmas tree collars made of barn wood. Christmas tree collars come in all different sizes and styles to suit your home decor, but rather than buying a Tree Collar. Made with a natural and classic look, this tree collar is durable and made with reclaimed and recycled wood. Give it a test run to make sure the box will fit underneath the tree. You can also opt to put the finishing touches on both live or artificial trees with tree "collars" that slip around your existing stand, or tree boxes, which camouflage the stand and also may provide support. The collar not only hides the tree stand, but gives the tree such a clean and Scandi-inspired look. Measure the space inside the trim. DIY: Basket Christmas Tree Collar. The other day I was skimming through my Facebook feed to see what my friends were up to. Unfortunately, we had to buy a new one this year. Get more ideas for decorating your tree. Hi Tracey – The basket collar is 12″ high. Or are you not a fan of tree skirts? During that 5 minutes, I saw that one of my friends pinned this really cute Washtub Tree Skirt by ISaveAtoZ and it {Read More...}. While you can always opt for a classic tree skirt, you also might enjoy making your own DIY Christmas tree stand with a few basic supplies. It needs to wrap around the base of the stand. Originally used to hide the tree stand or bucket. We love the look of the DIY Christmas Tree Basket Collar around the bottom of the tree instead of the traditional tree skirt. Follow along as I show you how you too can make an expensive looking tree skirts for free! The pieces attach together flawlessly within seconds and is a very easy set up with the use of our hook and loop velcro.