Secret Weapon Gift Cards Delight any angler with a discount gift certificate that can be redeemed for lure & components from the Secret Weapon online store. These lures are ideal for any fishing expenditure; be in a closed space or a big ocean. Join our mailing list and keep up to date with all new products and secret discount codes. Buried beneath all those “other” lures lies that well-hidden “bag of tricks.” It’s that little box of goodies the guide breaks out when no one’s looking. Get yours today at We’ll let you in on a little secret – there is no lure in the market today that guarantees a fish. Fish generally don't go biting at hooks for nothing, and here at Discount Tackle we carry a wide range of fishing baits and lures at incredible prices to help you get bit, for less. Plus, artificial lures are beneficial because they can be reused, unlike live bait. Display: 36 per page. This is a very cool skirt maker kit that should be in every ones tackle box. With a spinnerbait and the right know-how, you will be hauling in a massive bass. Regular price $5.89 Secret Lure | MVP Swim Jig. The Stupid Tube™ by Secret Lures is a custom designed tube and jig head that work together in a way that could hopefully qualify you for the Bassmaster Classic or win you an All-American title. It swims, stops, and swims again at random intervals while changing directions, simulating live injured baits with its erratic movements. 4" "SUPER Craw, 4" Shad paddle Tail Bait. 4" Finesse Worm Contains 20 various baits and lures. Lelands Lures Trout Magnet Neon Kit $9.99 The Trout Magnet Neon Kit fromeland'sures is an 85 piece collection of their brightest, deadliest Trout Magnet colors. Has a carry bag. The craws go great on jigs, or fished weightless or with a small weight texas rigged! In the market today, there is a huge selection of lures and it can be daunting especially if you’re a beginner trying to buy a bass lure. The bad news is, there is no secret lure, the good news is most any of the commercially made lures work very well. Anglers used to fishing spinnerbaits will notice that these lures create more commotion in the water than your average bait. Display. 2. The kittens are very cute and you can get different kittens depending on the lures you obtain. Secret Lures | Classic Stupid Tube Kit. Kr3pto Puppeteer Kits include lures, optional gateways, and a control panel that allows threat actors to operate multiple lures at once. Subscribe. Once you have all the items you need, put them on your cat and reload the page. On the ordering page you can see many of the different colors of all the baits: 5.25" senko type stick bait . Now available to ice anglers everywhere, a series of custom “guide secret” fishing lure-kits, personally hand-selected by legendary Northland® Fishing Tackle … And if you find yourself bogged down trying to buy everything and learn every new technique to come along then go back to basics and learn how to use just a few lures … Sometimes we forget about how flexible adding a skirt to your lures can be, check them out. A little tackle box that does BIG things. Agencies will have to navigate the demands of clients and talent in the year ahead. The Stupid Tube jig can be rigged exposed or Texas style for a weedless application. Secret Lures. Even a color that you alone use on the water- a secret bait.) The Rapala Jointed Deep Husky Jerk is a secret weapon for targetting the deep water trophies. Secret Lures. In some cases, live bait will be the way to go, but artificial lures are a great thing to have with you in your fishing tool kit. 4 products. $7.99 (lure), $10.99 (mini kit), $99.99 (Pro Pack) ... (Secret Weapon Lures) my interest was peaked. 1 Sign Me Up! SWL spinners are not just another spinnerbait branded as “revolutionary” simply because of the implementation of a new head design or atypical wire alloy. Retrieve: While it is already entertaining to customize your own lures the excitement really begins once you start reeling the spinnerbait back to you. The Lure Making Kit gives him the gear and guidance to mix and mold tantalizing, one-of-a-kind lures that’ll entice even the most prudent of fish. Secret Rector falls very slowly after the quick up lifting response. Types of lures. Sized to fit your trout vest, the Kit comes with 7 different Trout Magnet body colors. The IU Bass Fishing Club will offer a custom Secret Lures Stupid Tube in … This is a Secret model but finally it is revealed. Regular price $22.99 Secret Lures | Tail Shaker Jig. You can use them trolling for trout or casting from the banks of rivers and stream. There is not an angler out there that doesn't have an inner desire to find that secret lure and keep a good supply in their tackle box. This jointed, deep-running, suspending lure is one of my favorite models in Rapala’s lineup. Secret Lures Stupid Tube Jig Heads DESCRIPTION. The Stupid Tube Jig head is a vital component of the Stupid Tube rig. Secret Lures and the club are offering a unique way to help the Hoosiers raise funds for their upcoming 2020 fishing season. Regular price $5.99 Secret Lures | Big Dummy ST 4.5.