I have had no problem with Tamiya bonding to unprimed plastic, provided the plastic was CLEAN, and the paint was THOROUGHLY cured. On a hot/warm day, Tamiya primers are often dry to the touch within several minutes, but I usually wait an hour or two before painting over it to make sure its really settled. We do not sell, rent or trade our email lists. As you can see from the images (screenshots from my Instagram) the coverage is excellent, and details are preserved. My last model, I decanted the color spray (Testor's MM Ford Royal Blue Pearl) and shot it from my airbrush with excellent results. I am able to shoot both MRP and Mig primer consistently with a very smooth surface when dry (maybe 15 minutes or less) that doesn't require any polishing before moving onto the next painting stage. On a hot/warm day, Tamiya primers are often dry to the touch within several minutes, but I usually wait an hour or two before painting over it to make sure its really settled. I've used Rust-O-Leum primer from Home Depot for a while on 40k models and it is generally pretty good. The last few weeks I've had problems with it that I never had before. There is a noticeable difference - the Tamiya is satin and very smooth, the Gunze is flat and has a slight texture. I waited about 3 hours, pre-shaded and did the yellow nose on my Bf109E-7. As for the re-paint, sand the painted car down with some 400-600 grit wet/dry sandpaper. I think one can of Tamiya Fine surface primer lasted me around 50% of a whole MG Sinanju. The Surface Primer and Fine Surface Primer cover well, spray on smooth, dry quickly, and sand like butter. I have had some of these issues in the past as well. In particular, it considers the advantages and disadvantages of applying a primer. The Gaia notes surfacer EVO is also great but it seems a bit courser than Mr. Surfacer 1000. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Next. Order Ascending; Order Descending; espins1. Our community is FREE to join. Anyone knows the drying time for tamiya primer before you can actually paint over it? 2 replies. save. A few years back I used to use Tamiya Primer but was never a fan as I hard a very hard time shooting it super smooth. The light gray color primer is great for dark color applications; while Tamiya's white surface primer is ideal for light color applications. I like the TAMIYA fine surface primer alot also because of how smooth it is and it needs no sanding before paint. That's about it. Using paint primer is not a must, but if you want to get the best finish possible it is a worthwhile step. Spray with light coats, allow to dry between coats. I've recently bought Tamiya gray and white primer after trying out rustoleum primers. Tamiya’s surface primers may also be wet sanded before paint is applied. I wait until the solvent smell on the model goes away before sanding or painting anything on it. ... layers on that the still-sticky parts & plasticizers are sealed below enough semi-dry layers to let the top layer dry... for the most part... for the time being. Curing time depends primarily on temperature. The day before I paint my color coats I have been washing my parts down again then sprying a nice coat of TAMIYA fine surface primer on them, and letting them dry in a dust free area untill I paint them. I love the Tamiya primer in the can but I just wanted to try something a little different that I could control. Not only are they particularly fast-drying, they're super smooth. Try Mr. Surfacer (they do a black) or Tamiya Fine Surface Primer (grey only). You can use same sandpaper to lightly wet sand after primer is dry to polish up surface and get rid of any blemishes. If you keep the coat light, it will not get too smooth for easy painting, but if you do go a bit heavy, you might need to go over an area more than once to get the paint to stick properly. It does not fill in details any more than brush-on primer does. Tamiya Fine Surface Primer L Light Gray 180 ml Hobby and Model Acrylic Paint #87064 Tamiya Acrylic X18 Semi-Gloss Black 3/4 oz Hobby and Model Acrylic Paint #81018 Tamiya Extra Thin Cement 40 ml Plastic Model Cement #87038 The only time I've found them useful (or that they even made a visible difference) was when using Alcad's Polished Aluminium. View our, Tools, Techniques, and Reference Materials. I then go back and apply a second coat. hide. I leave it to rest for 24 hours before I even begin to think about painting over it. By signing up you may also receive reader surveys and occasional special offers. Here's a loose translation for your primer. Product: Tamiya Surface Primer Pla./Met.Grey100ml Tamiya Surface Primer is ideal for preparing your plastic model parts made of ABS and Styrene plastic for paint. An hour or two usually is fine but if you want to be safe leave everything overnight. If you're after airbrushing primer I can recommend Mr. Surfacer 1000-1500 as great primers. I've been building models for over 45 years, and Tamiya primers have become my favorite as far as spray can primers are concerned. Thanks! However, since I switched to Tamiya fine surface primer, it hasn't been an issue. The light gray color primer is great for dark color applications. To participate you must either login or register for an account. And it shrinks to detail like no-one's business. Tamiya Fine Surface Primer - I love it, but it runs out so fast. Tamiya Fine Surface Primer is what I use, though any reasonably fine primer should work. Read more. It should easily cover one HG depending on its size. That means not less than 24 hours at 68° F, preferably 36 to 48 hours. 67% Upvoted. The main benefit of laying down a coat of primer like Tamiya Fine Surface Primer is that it will improve the adhesion of the top coats. Most importantly, the long term topcoat holdout is excellent. I am sure people who haven't tried Tamiya primer would find this thread useful. Using oven cleaner as often recommended helps to get rid of the primer partially, and the plastic underneath is still very nice. The primer may also be used for metal parts. The Tamiya Miniature primer will give you an extremely thin mist, which will coat your models thoroughly, even the finer details. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. TAMIYA America, Inc Gray Fine Surface Primer L, 180 ml Spray Can, TAM87064 ... primers like Rustoleum for your hobby painting, buy a can of Tamiya primer NOW. View Entire Discussion (4 Comments) More posts from the Gunpla community 2.2k There isn't really a set drying time, depends on a couple factors like how thick your application was, the temperature and humidity of your area, etc. I am using Vallejo Surface Primer and will be using a Model Master Acryl gloss paint. TAMIYA Fine Surface Primer. The primer is enamel based, so it works great on metal and plastic surfaces. BTW, I just used Tamiya's "fine" primer immediately followed by Gunze's 1200 "fine" primer (I ran out of the Tamiya), and guess what? This will prep the surface and give the primer something to bite onto. Tamiya Primer drying time? Tamiya's Fine Surface Primer which is laquer based and dries very quickly, also works well as a base for acrylic paints and is my prefered choice. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Sand wet, dipping it in a bowl of water as you go. Always make sure to shake the can before using and work in an environment with low humidity. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. ... Drying time is subject to your local climate. I use this all the time, thin it about 2 parts Tamiya lacquer thinner to 1 part primer for spraying with airbrush. Unfortunately, I was a bit overenthusiastic when I applied it and the results are mold details being drowned in thick coats of primer. Cool temperatures generally slow curing, warmer temperatures speed it up. Tamiya Gray Fine Surface Primer L, 180ml Spray Can Tamiya Fine Surface Primer is ideal for preparing your plastic model parts made of ABS and Styrene plastic for paint. Buy Tamiya America, Inc Wht Liquid Surface Primer 40ml, TAM87096: ... Tamiya Gray Fine Surface Primer L, 180ml Spray Can 4.7 out of 5 stars 330. I can typical begin painting a figure within an hour of applying the primer. I use the liquid version via airbrush. How long to let primer dry before painting? This article gives general information about putting a primer coat of paint on to scale models. Pretty fast...I personally wait about 2 hours but if you wait 12-24 hours it will definitely be dry. Seems to have been enough time for the primer. There's a static plastic model kit where I used Tamiya fine white primer. If I can successfully run the Tamiya surface primer through my airbrush, then I'll use that, too. I first apply a very thin coat, and then wait a few hours for it to dry. http://www.amazon.com/Tamiya-Surface-Primer-White-180ml/dp/B0000WS01E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1459020287&sr=8-1&keywords=tamiya+white+primer, http://www.amazon.com/Tamiya-87026-000-Surface-Spray-Primer/dp/B0000WRZZG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1459020290&sr=8-3&keywords=tamiya+gray+primer. ... appear to be directly related to the Vallejo primer. I'm thinking about trying that next time with the Tamiya primer. $16.48. The primer may also be used for metal parts. report. Fine Surface primer Light Grey #87064. 8 comments. Both primers bite well into plastic surfaces and even fill in small scratches and imperfections. Nothing like a dry high altitude climate to make paint dry fast. ... You do have to let it dry for at least 24 hours before you try to sand it though. (So not the stuff you'd use to paint a shed. ) It's fine once a few coats of paint are on it, or that's what I've found . You're a Gundam, he's a Gundam, everyone is a Gundam! Pretty much as the thread title says, though to be more specific it is Tamiya Fine Surface Primer (white). Member since December 2002; From: Reno, NV; Tamiya Primer drying time? I am new to this and bought the book, Airbrushing for Scale Modelers, but it does not say how long to wait from last primer coat to first paint coat. The Vallejo Polyurethane Primer does take a day or two to cure properly, but really just being careful will do the job. Anyone know how long I need to wait after using Tamiya Primer to preshade and begin painting? The primer may also be used for metal parts. Tamiya Gray Fine Surface Primer L, 180ml Spray Can The Army Painter Color Primer, Matt White, 400ml, 13.5oz - Acrylic Spray Undercoat for Miniature Painting The Army Painter Color Primer, Matt Black, 400 ml, 13.5 oz - Acrylic Spray Undercoat for Miniature Painting Make sure model surface is clean and dry before spraying primer. For many years I've used Tamiya Fine White Surface Primer whenever I need to paint something white (i.e., I don't use it only as a primer). share. 4615 views. Don't forget primer. Don't get me wrong! I usually buy two cans per model just to be sure. -spray tamiya fine surface primer and dry 24 hours -wet sand to 12000 micromesh -spray TS-14 black lacquer and dry 26 hours -masked and when removed I pulled up … level 2 Be sure to have plenty of ventilation, this stuff stinks and can make you loopy. This etches the surface and makes the paint stick way better. but if you wait a couple years it will DEFINITELY be dry. JARRNO88 I can only speak of the Tamiya fine primer as it is the only Tamiya spray I've used.