In order to practice in either Australia or New Zealand, you must be registered with either AHPRA (AU) or MCNZ (NZ). By submitting this form you are agreeing to subscribe to the NZ Medical Journal under the PSNZ membership offer of only $150 per year (incl gst). To work as a specialist in New Zealand, you must hold Vocational Registration. Alistair has a high media profile as an advocate/ spokesperson on local, national and international health issues and supports NZMA as the pre-eminent advocate for patient rights and medical professional values. Click the link below to download the Triple0 Guide to Locuming in Australia and New Zealand and have all of your locum questions answered. Karan Banker has been elected for the role of 2020 NZMA Board Medical Student Representative. This represents a temporary form of specialist registration but does not preclude you from securing vocational registration to continue practising should you wish. Vacancies for doctors in New Zealand are advertised in a number of medical publications, including: NZDr: New Zealand Doctor recruitmentSpecialist recruiters for General Practitioners, Psychiatrists and other Hospital based Consultants.Phone: +64 21 288 6937Email:, Please quote NZMA when contacting NZDr - New Zealand Doctor recruitment. New Zealand Medical Journal becomes an online publication. He trained in the UK 1986, and joined the physician training program, MRCPI in 1991. To work in New Zealand, you first have to confirm eligibility for registration as a doctor. As far I am aware the NZMA accept British trained and certified doctors with few administrative hurdles. While there are no available figures for average GP salaries, specialists in the country can expect to earn an average take home of $138,261, which is certainly nothing to be sniffed at. Popular joke is 'whats the quickest way to see a doctor in Zealand? View this table: View popup. We have a team dedicated to International Medical Graduates (IMGs), who can help you to determine the opportunities available to you. The diversity of career and lifestyle opportunities available range from large tertiary hospitals in the major capital and regional cities, to smaller hospitals and private GP practices in more rural locations, providing exposure to a wide spectrum of clinical and social experiences. Katelyn Costello is the current Chair of the NZMA Doctors-in-Training Council. The location in which you secure a role will nominate a consultant and must provide feedback to the medical council regarding your practice in accordance with AU/NZ regulations. Vanessa Weenink is currently a partner in a moderate size GP practice in Christchurch. Vanessa has been on local clinical reference groups for the Pegasus PHO and part of the Clinical Governance group for HomeCare Medical(National TeleHealth Service) since 2015. For overseas trained doctors, this can be achieved via the VOC3 pathway. To read more about the qualifications eligible for registration via Locum Tenens please read here. To do this, you must show us that you are qualified, competent and fit for registration. Thank you! Again, finding work via a recruitment consultancy is extremely challenging, so we suggest that you apply directly after you have successfully completed the exams. Compared to Australia the registration and immigration process is shorter (3–6 months versus 6–9 months minimum) and there are also no restrictions as to where a Doctor can work (you are not required to work in an Alistair Humphrey is based in Christchurch where he serves as Chair of the Canterbury Hospitals' Medical Staff Association - the representative body for the more than 500 senior medical officers in the region. New Zealand offers an additional route to registration called Locum Tenens. First issue of the New Zealand Medical Journal published. As a result, IMGs are not able to locum when they first arrive – they must secure a fixed term role which satisfies the medical council that supervision is available. Your message has been received! Your skills and experience could make a valuable contribution in New Zealand. The Comparable Health System Pathway is open to doctors who meet the following criteria; A list of comparable health systems can be found here. New Zealand is an increasingly multicultural society that appeals due to its diversity, laid-back way of life and temperate climate. All doctors who want to work in either Australia or New Zealand must register with the correct medical body, MCNZ in New Zealand and AHPRA in Australia before they can work as a doctor. Dr Shona Main / F3, Starship Children’s Hospital, Auckland Dr Will Denehan / F3, Middlemore Hospital, South Auckland. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Author has 660 answers and 290.6K answer views. Australia and New Zealand have a lot to offer doctors. The term ‘supervision’ can be misleading; it is simply a process whereby the hospitals in AU/NZ commit to the Medical Council that they have made adequate provision for your safe integration into the new system and continued development by ensuring a consultant is available to support you in the event of any differences in practice and guide you in accordance with this. Direct Debit NZ $20/month ($10/month for RMOs). NZMA founded. Note that MedRecruit only works with qualified doctors – we cannot work with students, nurses or other healthcare professionals. He has held several director/leadership positions within Counties Manukau DHB, ASMS, Ministry of Health, and HQSC (to name a few). He also is a GP College registrar trainer, and senior lecturer with the University of Otago. Few New Zealand doctors know that […], As part of our series looking into working in Tasmania, here are some of our current locum and permanent jobs in Tasmania available. Jocy’s experiences as the Clinical Director, Community Mental Health at Nelson Marlborough and examiner for the Royal New Zealand College of GPs give her great awareness of what is needed right now and for the future. "Through this role, I want to advocate on issues that matter to you as students and ultimately as health professionals.". This route requires you to complete the AMC examinations, which involve an MCQ and clinical examination. With that sort of demand, there are plenty of opportunities. To send us an email, please use the contact form below. Before commencing work in a NHS Trust, there are a number of NHS Employment Check Standards that … After successfully completing these exams you will be eligible for provisional registration, however, you must secure an internship level role for the first 12 months. We’ve got General Practice vacancies in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, New South Wales, Adelaide and more rural parts of Australia. You don't need to work under supervision once you're registered in a general scope. NZ is despairate for medical staff but their closed shop of a profession body protects their antiquated methods by excluding as many professionals as they can. Doctors trained overseas who work in New Zealand tend not to settle. Dr Baddock considers general practice her ideal job and says the best moments in medicine are when you know you've made a difference. The outcome of this comparability assessment will dictate the type of job opportunities available to you to achieve this. Remember – if your job is on either of the lists and you have the qualifications and experience to match, the work visa application process is more likely to be successful. These are usually located in the New Zealand Embassy or High Commission in most overseas countries. To work in New Zealand, doctors need a minimum of 33 months experience and registration is straightforward - taking just 20 days to complete. She understands the power of collaborative working and putting the individual and whānau at the centre of health care, and better health for all New Zealanders; one of NZMA’s core tenets. Is now the right time for Kiwi doctors to move to Australia? Pippa McKay elected first female NZMA Chair, and Dame Norma Restieaux appointed first female NZMA President. As a general rule, we can’t assist doctors on this pathway. First visit the Medical Council's website to assess yourself against the standard of a New Zealand trained doctor. There are great opportunities for doctors to work in New Zealand. However, it is important to note that qualifications are non transferable between the UK and the USA, unlike Australasia. Again, the outcome of this comparability assessment will determine what steps you need to complete to be eligible for full Vocational Registration and the type of job you require. Oops! It was envisaged that affiliation with the BMA would increase influence and prestige of the NZ medical profession. Doctors who have not completed their degree or worked for more than 33 months in a comparable health system must pursue the Standard Pathway. * Pay by direct debit and take up our great offer of $20.00/month (or $10 per month for RMOs) until September 2021 (after this normal subscription charges apply). Check out the current healthworker opportunities on the skills shortages lists. New Zealand and Australia fared similarly during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and soon, as both governments talk vaccines and travel bubbles, movement between the two should become easier. We assist you in finding doctor, medical, allied health, nursing and midwifery jobs in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and the Middle East. All international doctors, specialist and non-specialist, are required to work under supervision for a minimum of six months when they arrive in AU/NZ, during which time you will be practising under either limited (AU) or provisional (NZ) registration. First woman member of the NZMA signs up – Dr Emily Siedeberg. She teaches undergraduate medical students, postgraduate doctors and registrars in General Practice training programmes. work for two years as a house officer (supervised junior doctor) in a hospital complete another six years of specialist training and examinations to become a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. These jobs are suitable for UK, Irish, Canadian and New Zealand trained GPs. Let me explain myself. Doctors leaving to work abroad are often blamed for UK workforce shortages. Typically, this depends on your individual circumstances, such as where you completed your primary medical degree, the countries in which you have clinical experience and if you’re a specialist or junior doctor. Fee for service plan for GPs introduced – doctor paid five shillings for each consultation and illegal to charge additional fee. Work in New Zealand. New Zealand is a country situated near the Pacific oceans south-western part with two main islands. To be eligible for this pathway, you must have completed your primary medical degree in the UK or Ireland. Based in Queenstown, she has served a number of committees including the Australian and New Zealand Junior Medical Officer Committee, RMO Training Committee CDHB, and the Preferred Medicines List Committee CDBH amongst others. Your first port of call is to understand your eligibility for medical registration, as this dictates the type of role we will be looking for. Marcia Walker has always enjoyed her role in advocacy for GPs and as an elected member of the GPC it has been a privilege representing the interests of her colleagues at that table. Again, if you hold a specialist qualification from the UK, Ireland, Canada, the USA or Australia we are able to assist in securing you a role prior to completion of your comparability assessment being completed. in NZ on a work visa that’s valid for 2 years or more — your work visa starts on your first day in NZ. Please note: New Zealand Now content reflects pre-COVID-19 conditions and outlook. In his 'day' job Josh is the microbiologist clinical director at Canterbury District Health Board. All matters to do with registration and examination are administered by the Medical Council of New Zealand. He has worked in a number of remote/rural practices including Western Australia, Reefton, and the Chatham Islands. This is comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all … However, as Abi Rimmer reports, official figures show that the number of doctors leaving to work in Australia and New Zealand has changed little in recent years More than 40 percent have trained overseas, coming from more than 100 countries. If you are a GP, Psychiatrist or Specialist Consultant considering locum work, or a move to New Zealand - temporarily or permanently - and would like a confidential, professional and reliable recruitment service, contact NZDr. If you are interested in any of these roles, talk to your Solutions Specialist today or register here and speak to our dedicated team to help you understand all there is to […]. For that reason I am sharing this post all about the topic. Karan is a fourth-year medical student at the University of Auckland. If you wish to practise medicine in New Zealand you must first gain registration from us. The BMA cannot advise on specific terms and conditions of employment overseas because your new contract will be governed by overseas employment law. For plenty more information and help with this decision, including some interviews with doctors who have moved to work in Australia and New Zealand, see the dedicated section on our F3 Resource Hub. If you’re not, you’ll need to pay for all your medical care. To get industrial relations advice contact the BMA equivalent in your new country of employment. If you did not complete your primary medical degree in the countries listed above, but you do have a medical degree from a country listed in the WHO directory, you are eligible for registration via the Standard Pathway. David's focus will be to advocate for meaningful change in how we look at, devise and implement our health and social policies to ensure that they are aligned to promote wellness; to allow individuals, families and communities reach their potential. Membership begins once original completed application form and direct debit form have been received. Please use this form if you want to update your contact details:Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). You can enrol in either: All matters to do with your eligibility to emigrate to this country should be discussed with the nearest New Zealand consular office.  Vanessa is the current Chair of the General Practitioner’s Council. The first President was Dr Thomas Hocken. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has published its Year at the Border report for 2018 showing that between July 2017 and June 2018, the country’s immigration screened millions of … The outcome of this assessment will determine your comparability and therefore what additional requirements you must adhere to before you can gain full specialist registration (typically supervision and/or further examinations). For IMGs, this is achievable via a number of pathways (or routes), your eligibility for which is determined by your clinical background. The first half of 2021 could be the right time for Kiwi doctors to move to Australia. Doctors move to New Zealand in droves to escape the British health service, but many fail to … We register more than 1500 new doctors each year and there are over 16,000 registered doctors practising in New Zealand. NZLocumsPO Box 547Wellington, 6140Phone +64 4 472 3901Email: From there she travelled and worked in the UK and Australia before coming to New Zealand where she joined the Wellington regional GP programme. Again, to be eligible for this pathway, you must have completed your primary medical degree in the UK or Ireland. Please note that completing a comparability assessment does not guarantee that you will secure a role. Operating a mixed public/private healthcare s… Vocational (Holders of the approved New Zealand / Australasian postgraduate qualification) Note: Use of EPIC applies to doctors who undertook their postgraduate training with a Council-approved training provider and who do not already have general registration in New Zealand. New Zealand. Buzz Burrell is currently a member of the NZMA Board and GPC. Locum Tenens has strict eligibility criteria and is only applicable to select specialist qualifications, e.g. As an internationally trained specialist, you are eligible to apply for registration via the Specialist Pathway. NZMA celebrates 125 years as the pan-professional body representing doctors and their patients. For an International doctor considering work in Australia and New Zealand, it’s important to understand the regulations. He has been a Medical Officer of Health for 19 years, long standing member of the Health Practitioners Disciplinary tribunal, and recently completed a Master of Health Law. Working as a doctor in New Zealand is handsomely rewarded, with hours outside of the average 38 hours paid overtime. Similar to Australia, the most common pathway for non-specialist doctors to gain registration to work in New Zealand is the Competent Authority Pathway. If you are not eligible for registration via the pathways above but you have a medical degree from a country listed in the WHO directory, you do have the option of pursuing registration via the NZREX Clinical Examination. MRCGP with CCT (UK). In Canada, foreign training IS NOT recognized. Work in Australia & New Zealand View Australia & NZ Permanent Jobs Quick Register with Skilled Medical With offices in Melbourne and London, we are well placed to assist suitably qualified medical professionals find career opportunities in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland. We assist you in finding doctor, medical, allied health, nursing and midwifery jobs in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and the Middle East. To gain registration to work in Australia, the most common pathway for non-specialist doctors is the Competent Authority Pathway.